Redefining ROI

Manas got in touch with me to talk about a total rebrand for a high-frequency trading business he owned called Parker Winston Eckardt. He has developed a new fintech with the ability to accelerate return on investment. He knew that speed was at the center of the strategy. We talked further about the symbology and mythology behind finance and trading, listing some of the most important ones such as Unicorns and Elliot Waves. This initial conversation was the genesis of the new PWE Capital brand. Our collaboration lasted for over a month. A long-term engagement followed with me serving as the team's Brand Strategist.


My first design was a vector illustration of the Elliot Waves that we eagerly talked about. This is a brand element that goes hand in hand with the official logo. 



The logo needed to be unique but it had to blend well within the fintech industry. We wanted something with elegance and movement. I drifted away from the overused gradient trend clearly seen across the entire fintech brand colour spectrum. I matched Mana's vision for an elegant brand closer to banking than to fintech. 

I made use of three main elements: Speed, (shape of a race car) Unicorn, Eliott Waves.

The result is a timeless beauty with endless application.


Speed and power.


I remembered one more remark from our conversation. Manas wanted the brandmark to show how their algorithm is breaking new barriers. For this, I made the Elliott Waves sticking out from the skin-coloured square. 


A brand purposely designed for the digital era.

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