Brand Identity

A brand for an architecture firm based in Mexico. 


Typography here was vital to creating a memorable brand. While the initials O & R should stand out, they should also link to the entire company name.


We agreed that using a two colour combination, iron and magnesium, would reinforce a key point of the firm's mission: sustainable simplicity.


Elegance and minimal application across all assets is essential.


The stationery design is whimsical, innovative, but conservative.


Idealy, the business card should adhere to logic and be discreet. "In this firm, we are Architects. Hierarchies are used for planning the construction of buildings." Therefore, I skip titles.


Roboto by Christian Robertson was selected as the firm's only typeface. The perfect modular typeface for both headings and body text.


By reducing the ampersand to its smallest size, the initials become the brand's protagonists.

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